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The Anglo - Indian who is a former student of St. Francis College describes itself as a very inspiring person, "After my studies, I want to be in the media, along with the radio and then one day I said I want my teacher leave me the country a few years later, I said I wanted to go home when I was working and improving, so I told him I have to give the film Telugu think I will. ‘Actor says he will not to sign again to movie trailers airing. The Anglo was advised by his good work as well as they thought he was capable of doing well.

"I firmly backups of older people in the industry, who know exactly what they do, they are very supportive.’ easy to finish your work as you makes some appropriate actions."

In Romeo a second generation NRI girl who travels to Europe and when he meets the character played by Sairam. He adds: "It's a romantic comedy, the story is in a way you never know what happens in the first half of the story and then in the second half everything falls into place.”

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