Bangladeshi actress Nazia Haque Orsha’s Hot and Sexy Picture & biography

Nazia Haque Orsha picture is a most popular Bangladeshi actress. Lux Channel I superstar competition 2009 she is one of the five in best. She is a celebrated movie star of Bangladesh. Bangladeshi model Nazia Haque Orsha looks very sexy and attractive. Her body is very sexy. She is always smiling and very cute. She is one of the best favorite Bangladeshi actresses. Orsha loves acting.

  Nazia Haque Orsha’s film industry name is Orsha. Nazia had early ambition of appropriate a film performer. Nazia Haque Orsha’s is constantly cited as a result of the media while a most famous female actresses in Bangladesh drama industry. She acts more than thirty dramas however now she is not regular in Bangladeshi media industry. Nazia Haque Orsha’s is living in Dhaka Now. Her hobby is drawing picture.