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Full Biography of Claudia Lynx

Shaghayegh Claudia wildcat, (born Gregorian calendar month eight, 1982), may be a Persian Canadian, Actor, Model author, Humanitarian, and a former Persian Pop Star.

Claudia wildcat was born in Iranian capital, Islamic Republic of Iran to a Persian father and Mother. Her mother died at the age of twenty four (a jiffy when biological process to Claudia). The family of 4 (including her Father, older brother, and their nanny UN agency was sort of a mother to the kids) detached of Islamic Republic of Iran to Europe once wildcat was solely 3 months, and have not came since. Claudia was destined to be before of the camera, and also the family knew she was taken with engaging at a awfully young age, and she or he began her life as Associate in Nursing actor and model in Europe at the young age of 3, showing in varied TV shows, commercials, and varied ads in Europe and North American nation And currently internationally. Claudia came to prominence in 2000 because the 1st Persian born Actress Model UN agency brought the Western culture into the Persian diversion market. Her megahit singles "Oh Daddy" and "Chareh Chieh" (2000) and one or two a lot of songs were recorded at the age of sixteen and was done deliberately for a demo sample once her former management discharged it some years later while not the consent of Claudia wildcat herself.

Claudia wildcat got her 1st break at the age of 3 once she was discovered by a casting director by the name of Katrina Karingeborg. She was casting for a variety of varied baby product, and was in search of a recent new baby face. The casting director was enchanted by Claudia wildcat’s persona and lovable look also as cute temperament. Baby Claudia's father was approached and asked permission for casting his stunning girl in an exceedingly forthcoming packaging for baby diapers. They family approved, and shortly Claudia became very talked-about in Europe and was better-known to be the foremost lovable diapers baby for one or two of years.

At age 5, Lynx, her Father, older brother, and their nanny enraptured to provincial capital, North American nation wherever she continuing her career as a toddler actor stellar in varied children shows, as a number and a young actor. Claudia was very talked-about in provincial capital particularly within the Iranian community.

At the age of 11, Claudia wildcat was casted to Host and act within the children phase of a Farsi speaking programmed. The show at once skyrocketed when the Persian community was introduced to the terribly lovable and energetic young actor. Wildcat left the show when 2 years. At the age of 13, Claudia wildcat became the actor, Writer, Co-Director and Host of another well-liked hit Persian-Canadian T.V. show, ''Tamasha T.V.'' that was ventilated each Sunday, from 1995-1997.

In 1995, thirteen year previous Claudia wildcat was awarded "The Youngest Writer/ Director" of the favored hit Persian-Canadian show titled "Tamasha T.V." that was ventilated each weekend for 2 years, stellar Claudia wildcat (Shaghayegh) because the lead actor, and also the author, director of the youngsters program. The show was the primary Persian-Canadian programmed UN agency had a significant phase only for children and Teenagers. wildcat was at once well-liked and better-known for her outstanding performances as a young actor, and her inventive writing skills concentrating a lot of on reality 'teenager issues’ and drama's, and each week the shows would finish in helpful tips and solutions for Youth's between the ages of eight to nineteen, however thirteen year previous proficient wildcat had Persian fans altogether age ranges.

At fifteen, wildcat was discovered by a modeling agent and shortly when she began modeling for purchasers like jean (Levi Strauss & Co.) and was conjointly seen on enumerable magazine covers and ads, together with cola, and varied fashion shows, that wildcat later admitted she didn't get pleasure from the agitated and nerve-wracking ways that of behind the runway show.

At sixteen years old-time Claudia wildcat was approached by a Iranian director primarily based in l. a. UN agency took a keen interest in manufacturing the young actor and model. Claudia in agreement to try to to a demo tape for starters and to visualize if she would be offered to pursue a singing career together with her busy schedule together with high school. When one recording session, the manager/director recorded and directed young Claudia for her 1st music video. When some months Claudia determined she didn't need to continue singing within the Persian market owing to the dearth of free time she had, and also the un-professionalism of the folks that needed to manage her. Claudia created it clear that she wasn't interested and left it at that. 2 years later a music video of Claudia wildcat was discharged with the demo reel that was recorded by Claudia, Associate in Nursingd while not Claudia Lynx's consent an album titled ''Shaghayegh'' was discharged. The album did fairly well, and Shaghayegh Claudia wildcat was presently better-known to be the primary youngest Persian creative person in thirty years. Claudia didn't follow or continue her singing career. Wildcat was presently when nicknamed and stated as "The immortal Of Persia" worldwide.

In 2001, Claudia wildcat (19 years old) was awarded by the CSMU (Canadian Search Miss Universe) and T-era Productions UN agency is that the Official Preliminary of the CSMU Pageant for "The Best Print and Fashion Model". She was judged principally for interview, speaking, writing skills Associate in Nursingd swimwear whereas playing before of an audience of 800 individuals, together with four Official CSMU judges.

The 5\'9\" Gemini gave outstanding performances in many yankee movies. She conjointly contend Miss World within the well-liked yankee tv series ''The West Wing'' opposite Martin shine. Wildcat has continuing to look in varied magazine ads ad covers. She was presently within the terribly anticipated British documentary "The Jackson's square measure coming" was her relationship with the legendary Jackson family was disclosed. Her ingest friends embrace statesman Jackson from The Jackson five and pop super star Janet Jackson. Within the documentary wildcat confirmed she wasn't romantically involved Associate in Nursingy of the Jackson brothers that was reported by an English tabloid primarily based in London in could of 2008. The documentary was recorded in London and Devon, European nation also as in l. a., CA.

Claudia wildcat is loved and followed by scores of fans. She is extremely documented for her spectacularly stunning appearance, talent and also the kind charity work she continues to follow together with the terribly recent 2008 charity event that materialized in Devon, European nation on Claudia Lynx's birthday (June 8th) wherever the star was a special guest at the side of her shut friend's, The Jackson family. Claudia Lynx, UN agency is additionally called Shaghayegh, is that the most noted and well-liked help within the Iranian community (approximately sixty million) and is additionally the most important beauty Icon in four decades, that attained her the nickname "The immortal Of Persia" "Persian Goddess", and is currently stated as "The Most stunning girl Alive" internationally, when winning the quantity one spot for 3 government years (2009-2011) by major international celebrity polls.

Despite rumors created by British people media, Claudia wildcat is presently not in an exceedingly relationship. She has created it clear and recently expressed, "I'm really terribly happy this manner [being single]. I am busy with my career and pay my time with my family and shut friends... perhaps within the close to future i could meet my lover, except for currently, I am terribly happy."

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